NECCOFlex Multi-Turn Coils for Small Bore Machines

NECCOFlex coils have been designed for small bore, high-speed machines and smaller hydros to ease the installation of coils at the lap.

NECCOFlex-E multi-turn stator coils provide owners with the dielectric advantages of a traditional VPI coil but with a specially-engineered flexibility at the coil knuckles that eases its installation in a small bore machine or one with a tightly lapped winding. Small bore machines typically have slots that cannot always accommodate conventional multi-turn Roebel bars. The NECCOFlex coil exceeds the flexibility needed to properly install the coil cells in the slots. Compared to the alternative of using spliced half coils, a NECCOFlex winding requires only half the number of connections.

Also, since these coils are made the same way as our standard NECCO Bond-E coils only with special adaptations for flexibility at the end turns, depending on actual machine design dimensions and overall "wind-ability,"


NECCOFlex-E Coils the high-quality solution for small-bore units

Top quality resin rich coils require specialized cure presses

Just as with NEC's fully cured NECCOBond-E VPI coils, NECCOFlex coils are placed in a "dummy core" mock-up of the stator for which they are designed. Coil fit and clearances between the coils are tested at various stages during the manufacturing process. These checks are just part of the battery of dimensional checks and electrical testing that NEC performs on every coil it manufactures.


NECCOFLex-E coils have many similarities to our Standard VPI coils & Bars

Like our standard NECCOBond-E multi-turn coils, each new NECCOFlex-E coil will have a unique identification number stamped into the lead and this identification number will be shown on all inspection and testing forms.  The unique number is associated with that particular coil through the completion of the manufacturing process and all testing.
In-Process Checks a Must!
At every step of our manufacturing process, quality checks are made to assure the best workmanship. NEC's Brownsville factory utilizes ISO9001-certified quality management systems.
Every Coil or Bar Tested!
Every coil and bar undergoes both in-process testing and final testing before it leaves the factory. These "tests" include both specified electrical tests as well as various dimensional checks.
Uniform Shape Assured!
A coil or bar must be uniformly shaped in order to wind the machine properly and to avoid problems that may initiate corona during operation. Dummy cores are used to check critical clearances in the end turns and overall fit in the stator core. Multiple checks are made at different stages of manufacture.