Manufacturing Infrastructure to Support Any Project

Experienced and skilled workforces are at work in both of our facilities. Each location has its own ISO9001-certified Quality Management system.

Our Columbus facility specializes in turbogenerator and salient pole rotor windings, whether new or refurbished copper or aluminum. Manufacturing capabilities include tooling necessary for production of windings with conventional or inner-gas cooling – both diagonally- and radially-cooled types – along with the ability to high-speed balance and electrically test rotors up to 85 tons during full-speed rotation.

Production facilities in Brownsville are configured to manufacture any type of stator winding, from multi-turn or diamond coils for hydrogenerator to the inner-cooled Roebel bars for largest the turbogenerators. We make effective use of machines and people in our manufacturing processes. Where machines make sense, they assist in efficient production; where a special attention to detail is required, our skilled workforce applies its skills.. NEC also has a fully-equipped Research & Development Laboratory as well as fully-equipped testing facilities supporting our Quality Management System. Every NEC coil or bar is fully tested before it leaves our facility.

In-Process Checks a Must!
At every step of our manufacturing process, quality checks are made to assure the best workmanship. NEC's Brownsville factory utilizes ISO9001-certified quality management systems.
Every Coil or Bar Tested!
Every coil and bar undergoes both in-process testing and final testing before it leaves the factory. These "tests" include both specified electrical tests as well as various dimensional checks.
Uniform Shape Assured!
A coil or bar must be uniformly shaped in order to wind the machine properly and to avoid problems that may initiate corona during operation. Dummy cores are used to check critical clearances in the end turns and overall fit in the stator core. Multiple checks are made at different stages of manufacture.