A Company: In Business for Over 95 Years!

Commitment to the long-term needs of our customers has encouraged the natural progression of NEC from a manufacturer to the Total Generator Solution provider

Few companies have served the Power Generation Industry for as long as National Electric Coil. In continuous operation since 1917, NEC has a tradition of focus. NEC grew up with the industry - initially servicing the mines in Bluefield, West Virginia - evolving in its first 30 years to a full-scale manufacturer and installer of stator and rotor windings for generators and motors.

Starting in 1948, NEC repositioned its product lines toward high-voltage machines, focusing on engineering and manufacture of coils for all types and ratings of generating units. NEC manufactures replacement windings and does repairs for any high-voltage generating unit, from the smallest air-cooled machines to the biggest water-cooled fleet leaders.

From Manufacturing to Solutions
The expansion of the energy industry, the growth of more complex generator maintenance problems and our commitment to our client’s long-term needs all have encouraged the natural progression from NEC as a manufacturer as the Total Generator Solutions provider.

Commitment to the Industry

The successful execution of large or complex projects requires a company with high-caliber internal resources and the ability to coordinate their deployment in a way that meets or exceeds
its commitment to the customer.

NEC has a client-centric business model. With a staff of over 400 and partner service companies across the globe, we are large enough to provide a highly- specialized and dedicated team on our clients’ projects, but still nimble and responsive to where our core values of superlative customer service can be effectively applied.

We Focus on Our Core Values

For almost a century, our values — embodied in five metrics, Commitment to Customers, Commitment to Quality, Commitment to Performance, Ability to Perform, Expertise, Exceptional Value — have defined the singular character of NEC and been the source of our unwavering focus on and determination to be
the world's best generator solutions provider.

We place a strong emphasis on the training and development of our people, client satisfaction, the transfer of knowledge and contributing to the technical well-being of the industries and community we serve.

A Commitment to Customers Drives Us!
Our commitment to our customers starts and ends with understanding and addressing their needs and priorities!
A Commitment to Quality Guides Us!
We are proud of our ISO 9001-certified quality management systems and are focused on achieving our number one goal: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!
The Ability to Perform Leads Us!
Performance is about being RIGHT: the right resources, the right people and the right product at your site to do the job RIGHT!