Engineering for Generator Design

The diversity of our experience with a wide range of machines types and OEMs means our approach to design focuses on solving your problem, not on reworking a standard design.

NEC design engineers are ready to respond to any generator design issue that may arise during a generator repair or retrofit project. While the individual backgrounds of our engineers may vary, many began their careers at OEMs machine designers and management or worked for major utilities before coming to NEC, or both. This diversity of knowledge and experience gives our design team a wide-ranging base of experience with generating units of all ages, makes, sizes and types. Along with the winding design, our engineers address related issues of unit reliability, efficiency, maintainability and longevity. They also are involved in the design, development, evaluation and testing of NEC's high-voltage insulation systems.

Past projects have Involved generator rewinds, uprates or repairs to rotating electrical equipment manufactured by nearly every supplier in the world. A partial list includes General Electric, Westinghouse, Siemens, Allis Chalmers, Electric Machinery, NS Peebles, Brush, Elliott, Alstom, English Electric, Reliance, Toshiba, Hitachi, GEC, Mitsubishi and ABB. Projects have not been limited only to turbogenerators and hydrogenerators. Some have involved AC and DC motors, exciters and synchronous condensers.

In addition to complete uprates, including rewinds of both the rotors and stators, specific engineering tasks have included:

  • thermal analysis of complete generators
  • field winding thermal analysis
  • redesign of field windings to improve thermal performance
  • fan redesign for to reduce failure modes
  • stator winding vibration analysis and testing
  • stator core vibration analysis and testing
  • electromagnetic force analysis
  • rotor component stress analysis
  • rotor and retaining rings specifications
  • rewind specifications.

Specialized Engineering Solutions™ (SESs)
NEC's SESs address our engineered solutions for known generator problems and failure modes. Visit out online library.
Technical Maintenance Memos™ (TMMs)
NEC's TMMs offer recommendations and tips for improving your generator maintenance practices in specific areas. Visit out online library.
"Top Ten Reasons Generators Fail" Engineer's Flip-Books
These handy spiral bound notebooks fit in a shirt pocket for easy field reference, available for both turbo- and hydro-generators. Contact NEC Service Management for more information.
International Generator Technical Community (IGTC)
Engineers can participate in the worldwide generator forum, as well as access the Community's IGTC Resource Center with its "Generator Evaluation Memos" and other generator-oriented information for both turbo- and hydro-generators. Find this site at NEC is a founding member of this site and contributes funding and expertise as a gift to the worldwide engineering community.