A Total Generator Solution Begins With Engineering

At every stage of a project, NEC engineers make important contributions to our Total Generator Solution

Our World-class engineers lead the development of a fully-optimized design solution. Whether your generator problem is rotor toothtop cracking, rotor end winding insulation migration, stator end winding vibration, core looseness, or water-cooled bar failures, our engineers have seen it all, often more than once, and and know what design solutions have been successful. The commencement of every project draws upon the engineering resources by the expert engineers of our Technical Services Group. Specifications and machine histories are reviewed, as well as the unit's recent and historic testing results. Machine data is compared to units of the same design. Known issues related to operation or maintenance are noted, and our proven solutions are incorporated into our optimized design. Every option presented to our customer is an option designed to give our customer choices for balancing their priorities for budget, schedule and cost.

Our plant engineers also actively support manufacturing operations and quality management. They are well-versed in all aspects of winding manufacture, tooling design, quality management and product research. A testimony to their skills is the speed at which they can adapt our manufacturing lines to produce windings for these not-so-usual projects, without any compromise to quality or schedule. From making hydrogen-cooled stator bars weighing nearly a quarter of a ton each to manufacturing any type of rotor winding, NEC has the people with the expertise and skills to guide our operations.

NEC's SES & TMM Documents Provide Generator Insights

Examples of this expertise are shown in the development of NEC's program for Specialized Engineering Solutions (SESs)™and Technical Maintenance Memos (TMMs)™. These documents are presented in a concise format designed to alert generator owners of potential problems in machine design or maintenance, and
recommend specific actions or remedies.

Specialized Engineering Solutions (SESs)™ focus on generator problems with solutions that require specific machine design modifications to solve. Technical Maintenance Memos (TMMs)™ offer advice to generator owners on a number of maintenance problems and activities.

Specialized Engineering Solutions™ (SESs)
NEC's SESs address our engineered solutions for known generator problems and failure modes. Visit out online library.
Technical Maintenance Memos™ (TMMs)
NEC's TMMs offer recommendations and tips for improving your generator maintenance practices in specific areas. Visit out online library.
"Top Ten Reasons Generators Fail" Engineer's Flip-Books
These handy spiral bound notebooks fit in a shirt pocket for easy field reference, available for both turbo- and hydro-generators. Contact NEC Service Management for more information.
International Generator Technical Community (IGTC)
Engineers can participate in the worldwide generator forum, as well as access the Community's IGTC Resource Center with its "Generator Evaluation Memos" and other generator-oriented information for both turbo- and hydro-generators. Find this site at www.generatortechnicalforum.org NEC is a founding member of this site and contributes funding and expertise as a gift to the worldwide engineering community.